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Deeplaude: the HR assistant

Deeplaude, the HR assistant who, thanks to the AI, helps the recruiter to select the best curriculum


Selection of candidates in a single environment

With Deeplaude you have complete management of the candidate search process, from the job announcement to the final selection.


Deeplaude is able to automatically read the contents of the resumes in pdf or doc format, managing to do a precise search in the archive of the uploaded curricula


For each job posting a ranking is made with the best applications thanks to an intelligent algorithm that analyzes the CVs received.


Deeplaude will take care of scheduling appointments for interviews with candidates. Once the availability of the recruiter is fixed, the platform communicates with the candidate and fixes the appointment for the interview in the company.


Candidates interested in the job offer will be able to chat via chat with a virtual assistant to obtain information on the job position sought. This will increase the number of candidates for people actually interested in that position.

Sentiment analysis: over text analysis in resumes!

Deeplaude eliminates thanks to the increased intelligence the inefficiency deriving from the human judgment of a subjective, incomplete and distorted nature.

The behavioral aspects of the candidates are dealt with in depth, the organizational requirements are combined with the skills and background of the same – the activities in the candidate’s social media are analyzed, examining the words, the interactions with others and a complete combined report is generated.

Gather intelligence from chaos

– Extracts in-depth information from huge text data
– Analyze the sentiment of the text
– Measures behavior in social media
– Evaluate the quality of past experiences
– Automates interviews
– Automatically learns from interactions of any kind

Our history

About Us

Deeplaude was born in the summer of 2018, from the idea of two computer science and artificial intelligence enthusiasts: Mohammad Eusuf Daud and Roberto Castiglion.

In October 2018 they set up an innovative startup, called Induttiva, whose goal is to realize a platform called Deeplaude.

Deeplaude wants to simplify the HR manager’s work with the use of deep learning algorithms and natural language processing.

In fact, those who have to examine the applications received for a job position lose a lot of time examining the thousands of CVs received.

These operations can be done faster and more effectively by an algorithm, leaving more time to the human resource selector in higher-level tasks such as interviews with selected people.


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